Gunsmithing Services


Shop Fees:
$65 per man hr
$80 per man & machine hr
$35 minimum charge per firearm

Prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE shipping, handling, and insurance back to customer.


General Gunsmith labor $65/hr


Complete Cleaning
(Complete Disassembly, safety check, oil and reassemble –
Bolt Actions, Pumps, Autos & Levers
Check headspace $15
Test-fire firearm $10 + ammo
If I have to take the gun apart $35
Mount & level scope + bore sight
(plus $10.00 to have the rings lapped)
Remove stuck case from chamber Hourly Rate
Remove live round from chamber $100+
Make chamber cast $65


Install adjustable trigger $40 + trigger
Trigger Job $50 +
Drill & Tap (per hole) $15
Fill a hole Call for quote
Weld on bolt handle
(Price does not include finishing the metal)
$65 + handle
Any scope base installed Base + $15/hole
Install a recoil pad $50 + pad
Custom or adjustable pads/plates Call for quote
Glass bed action $80
Cut and Crown Barrel $50
Install Muzzle Brake
(Price includes threading & installing Brake of your choice)
(Seamless/streamline fit, indexing and or refinishing, if needed, extra)
$100 + Muzzle Brake

1911 Services:

Complete Build Call for quote
*Beavertail safety installed
(.250 radius safety)
$80 + safety
Reliability package $95
*Lower and flare ejection port $50
*”No-Bite” modification to spur hammer and grip safety $40
*Bevel magazine well $50
*Round/bevel all sharp edges of entire pistol $80
*Round/bevel all sharp edges on just slide $40
Install Novak Sights
(Front Novak dovetail cut) $50 + sight
(Rear Novak dovetail cut) $90 + sight
(Front & Rear Novak dovetail cut) $125 + sight

All services marked * require full or partial refinishing not included in the price.
Call for other services.

Metal Refinishing:

Please click on one of our Metal Finishes pages in the menu to see a full list of options and prices!


Please view our Stock Refinishing page here to see a full list of options and prices!

Please view our Sample Work page to see some of our recent work!

If there is a service that you need done that is not listed above, please contact me about it.  More than likely it is something we can accommodate.