Internet Transfers Online Gun Auction

We provide our local customers Internet/Out of State Transfers for the low price of $20 for a single firearm, $30 for two firearms, and $5 for each additional firearm per form 4473.

Simply call with the seller’s fax or email address and we will send them a copy of our FFL license.

Once the seller receives the payment from you and our FFL, he will then ship the firearm to us.

When the firearm arrives, We will contact you for you to come by and fill out the paperwork to pick it up. Upon approval of the NICS check and transfer fee, you may take possession of your new firearm.

It is best to contact us prior to buying online to get everything in order and make sure what you are buying is legal for you to own. If it turns out that you have purchased something that you cannot legally own, or for some reason are rejected by the NICS check, We will have no choice but to send the firearm back to the seller, with you covering the shipping cost, should we have to pay any. A refund for your purchase will be solely between you and the seller!

If you have any more questions, contact us