Shipping Your Firearm For Repair Or Return

Most people get a little confused when it comes to the legalities of shipping firearms.  It is really not that complicated when explained properly.

You do not have to have a license to ship firearms, but the person or business to whom you are shipping the firearm must have an FFL license (Federal Firearms License).  We are a fully-licensed FFL dealer that can accept your firearm.

Ways To Ship Firearms

There are really only a couple of options when it comes to shipping firearms. They are:

  1. USPS, The United States Postal Service; or,
  2. Common carriers such as UPS and FedEx

You can ship long guns (rifles and shotguns) through USPS, UPS or FedEx.  You CANNOT, however, ship handguns through the USPS without a license.  If you are shipping a handgun, you must go through UPS or FedEx.  Both UPS’ and FedEx’s policy on handguns is that they must be shipped Overnight Priority.  They claim it cuts down on the chance of theft or lost items.  I advise you to insure your firearm through whatever carrier you choose, and I will insure it upon returning it to you.

Call for a quote on Return Shipping Fees.

How To Package Your Firearm

The best way to package your firearm is to wrap it completely in bubble wrap or some other suitable packaging material and fit it snuggly in an appropriate-sized cardboard  box.  Shipping in a hard plastic gun case is preferred, if you choose, and will be returned when your firearm is sent back to you.  If you use a hard plastic gun case, be sure to wrap the gun case with cardboard before shipping.  This makes it less likely someone will recognize it as containing a gun.  Long gun hard cases can usually be found for a reasonable price.

Our shipping address:

Willis Arms Repair Inc.
1607 Hwy 527
Elm grove, LA. 71051

Hopefully this has explained how to ship us your firearm.  If you still have questions, please contact us and we will be glad to further assist you.